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Set & Stage Signage

Stage and set erection is a highly complicated logistical process carried out in an environment where time is of the essence.


Working closely with Paul English, the world renowned Production Manager at Brilliant, SR Creative have developed a complete stage and set signage system which speeds up the load in and load out process, thus saving time in both man hours and ultimately money.

Each bespoke system is tailored to each set requirement and is simplicity itself.

A combination of colour coded numbers, letters and directional arrows are affixed to each set component which enables the crew to erect and dismantle the stage using this highly visual system.

Not only are the individual components labelled, but the Dolly Carts in which the components are housed are also colour coded accordingly. Each Dolly Panel is individually numbered, has a diagramatic representation of the stage indicating where it’s components need locating, as well as a Truck Locator device and weight and dimensions.

Because the system is bespoke, any size or shape can be created containing whatever information the client requires.

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