Mrs Sophie Scurfield Foundation Stage 2 Teacher & Co-Ordinator
Mrs Christine Crayton Foundation Stage 2 Teacher
Mrs Sarah Carroll
 Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Claire Ostle
 Year 1 Teacher - Early Reading Co-Ordinator
Mrs Lynn Van Oorschot
 Year 2 Teacher - Science Co-Ordinator
Mr Simon Fisher Year 2 Teacher - IT and Computing Co-Ordinator
Mrs Laura Pownall Year 3 Teacher - PSHE and Values Leader
Mr Simon Martin Year 3 Teacher - Key Stage 2 Phase Leader
Mrs Nichola Rossall Year 4 Teacher - Wider Curriculum Leader
Mrs Sophie Newton Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Tracy Kirsopp Year 4 Teacher
Mr Ryan Gray Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Leila Bedford Year 5 Teacher - Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator
Mrs Lynsey Williams Year 6 Teacher
Mr Ian Rowe Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Stacey Kirk Teacher
Miss Alice Moores Sports Coach