School Council


The main aim of our School Council is to help to make our school a better place for the children and to give them an opportunity to have their opinions and ideas heard.

Willow Academy's School Council is made up of two pupils from each class from Year One up to Year Six, making a total of 24 pupils. The four Year Six pupils take the lead positions within the School Council group.

In September each pupil from Year One to Year Six is given the opportunity to run for class council with two pupils from each class been chosen by class votes to be the class councillors and therefore the representatives for their class. 

At the first School Council meeting the four Year Six members share the role they would like and the rest of the group vote to choose the roles they take on. The council then sign up their commitment for the year and learn about the expectations for the roles. 

The class representatives tell the children in their classes what has been discussed at each meeting and the children can ask the representatives to take forward their ideas to the next meeting.

In the previous school year, September 2015 to July 2016 the School Council were successfully involved in:

  • Supporting anti-bullying activities
  • Collecting filled shoebox for Operation Christmas Child 
  • Developing the dinner menu 
  • Developing dinnertime playtime and resources available 
  • Running a fundraiser for the Riding for the Disabled group at Rossington Hall 
  • Holding a whole school talent show.

In 2017 we are working towards:

  • Having our own Pupil Parliament to build on the success of our school council. 
  • The  Doncaster Anti- Bullying Charter 

We look forward to sharing our progress with you via this website page.