Friday 2nd March




To Parents and Carers, 


Given the improving conditions, we plan to open Willow Academy tomorrow FROM 10am and lessons will start at 10.15am tomorrow 2nd March. 


The delayed start is to allow for staff, many of whom travel long distances, to arrive at school safely. 


Children and adults will only be allowed to walk on the cleared and gritted  pathways around the site.  After school clubs will continue as normal however there will be no breakfast club for tomorrow only. 


Please ensure children are wearing suitable footwear and have their school shoes available to change into. 


If the conditions worsen overnight and this decision needs to be reviewed we will inform parents as soon as possible via the website, an email, Twitter and Trax FM. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding over the last two days, we know you appreciate everyone's health and safety is paramount at a time like this. 


​We look forward to resuming normal opening hours on Monday if the conditions continue to improve. ​

Davina Sumner


Willow Academy

Alston Road



Tel: 01302 539249


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