Areas For Improvement (AFI)



The last ofsted inspection and the academy's own self-evaluation identified a number of significant areas for improvment.  These areas are being addressed and will continue to be addressed by the academy's leaders, incluing WCAT and all other staff.  The timeframes for most improvements are between January 2017 and August 2018. 


Rapidly improve the quality of teaching so that it is at least consistently good and enables all groups of pupils, including the most able pupils, disadvantaged pupils and those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities, to achieve well.

To achieve this we will take the following action

o   Strengthen gaps in teacher pedagogy through coaching and professional development (training).

o   Have clear academy expectations regarding curriculum coverage, planning, teaching and assessment across the curriculum.

o   Develop a systematic and robust system to teaching spelling and handwriting.

o   Use performance management to lead professional development that encourages, challenges and supports teachers’ understanding of high expectations.

o   Develop the use of new summative assessment systems and on-going formative assessment to inform planning that challenges all children.

o  Set clear and appropriate age-related targets for reading, writing and maths.

o   Ensure staff (Teachers and TAs) take an active part in analysing and utilising data for their class and use this to inform planning, intervention and targets.

o   Teachers use the new, more structured, maths and writing teaching sequences and resources to plan challenging tasks that meet the needs and abilities of the pupils.

o   Ensure that precise learning objectives and success criteria are shared with the children

o   Increase opportunities for pupils to apply their mathematical skills and write at length across a wide range of subjects

o   Embed effective reciprocal reading and guided reading sessions across school.

o   Teachers manage and monitor pupils’ progress on Bug Club.

Identify pupils who require additional 1:1 or small group reading intervention timetable opportunities for intervention and ensure teachers monitor the impact of additional adult support. 


Improve pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare.

To achieve this we will take the following action:

o   Revise and relaunch the academy behaviour policy in line with WCAT standard incorporating the ASPIRE values.

o   Ensure parents and pupils are included in regular feedback surveys

o   Register for and work towards the Doncaster Anti-Bullying charter Silver Award

o   Revised expectations for work presentation communicated to teachers.

o   Raise expectations and standards through an increasingly robust approach to uniform.

o   Promote positive attitudes to learning through a positive attendance policy

o   Safeguarding checks and monitoring reviewed sysytematically.

o   Review and increase the level of supervision at play and lunchtimes.

o   Promote positive structured play through Family Dining approach and ‘split’ family lunch time.

o   Review the effectiveness of the school timetable and day.

o   Ensure all staff including teachers, TAs, Midday Supervisors and Office and support staff have access to and full training on CPOMS to record all incidents accruately.

All teachers record attendance using SIMS to enable proactive approach to promoting attendance


Improve the provision in early years.

To achieve this we will take the following action:

o   Appoint Good substantive leadership to lead Early Years Foundation Stage provision.

o   Provide professional development to staff to develop the use of EYFS tracking grids to support with setting targets for end profile 2017 and for progress.

o   Review and revise the strategy for Continuous Provision

o   Create the improved outdoor area and provide stimulating activities, tasks or challenges in the different areas.

o   Teachers ensure the writing/ maths challenge areas are used effectively

o   Reintroduce ‘Praising stars’ for parents to complete and bring into school to share and celebrate children’s achievements out of school

o   Send Parents a regular Foundation Stage Newsletter sharing topic information, ideas for learning at home and events


Rapidly improve the impact of leadership at all levels, including governance.

To achieve this we will take the following action:

o   Conduct increasingly rigorous moderation across the academy.

o   Systematic reviews of pupil progress are established

o   Implement end of year progress assessments in Y3-5 as a comparator to teacher assessment

o   Establish a robust internal system of tracking and monitoring progress against age related expectations

o   WCAT ‘Progress’ assessment module has been implemented across KS1 and KS2

o   Leaders ensure teachers are able to attend WCAT Professional development opportunities for moderation

o   Establish and embed a programme of CPD for teachers and TAs that includes regular input from WCAT academy improvement  team.

o   Introduce a thematic curriculum for foundation subjects that meet the national curriculum 2014 and provide engaging exciting learning opportunities.

o   Review and revise the curriculum for FS which further develops the requirements for the EYFS curriculum

o   Review and develop the Religious Studies, SMSC and PSHE curriculum provision to ensure pupils have good opportunities to develop understanding of other cultures and British Values

Review and develop PE and Sports provision across the academy

o   Enrol and work towards the Doncaster Inclusion Charter mark

o   Review and revise the Subject Leader policy and practice guidance

o   Appoint substantive leadership across the academy in all identified areas.

o   IEC/ LGB and Headteacher actively recruit teachers to current and foreseen future vacancies.

o   Further develop the Performance Management structure to provide high quality support and challenge for all staff including non-teaching staff.

o   Commission a review of governance and Pupil Premium

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